Finances, Investments (RRSP’S, RESP’S, TFSA’S)

Helping you reach your financial goals and maximize your investments. Whether you want to save for retirement, put money aside for education, purchase or renovate your home, or maybe you just want to save for that family vacation, we are here to help.


Life insurance and living benefits

Did you know if pay was delayed even one week, most people could not maintain their expenses?

Have you ever been concerned about needing to take time off work? At LMI, we pride ourselves in providing simple, cost effective solutions to help you prepare for the unexpected. Whether you need time off work due to an accident or sickness or want to protect your family's lifestyle, we will work with you and customize a plan based on your needs and budget so your bills are covered, regardless of your ability to work.


Mortgage and loan services

We specialize in restructuring your monthly expenses to reduce your overall payments and accelerate your debt freedom day. Whether you are looking for a first mortgage, second mortgage, refinancing or a standard loan, we work with you to find the best cost-effective solution.

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My Tap Card

Share your social media, presentations, contact information and anything else you would like to share digitally, even family photos! All you need to do is simply tap your phone on the card to share your information. Want to change the content loaded on your card? No problem! You even have the ability to change or update your content in real time, anytime. To get yours now visit: